Texas Foodies TV, Produced by The Time Group, Shares with Viewers How Perseverance Leads to Long Term Success

Dallas, TX – July 8, 2019 Texas Foodies TV, a part of the TG Network and sponsored by Best of Guide®.com, shares with viewers a charming interview with Laura Sanchez, owner of La Calle Doce, El Ranchito and Jefferson Tower Events. Texas Foodies TV Host, Jasmine Sadry, highlights how new up and coming restaurateurs can learn from established success stories, such as Laura, and how perseverance can lead to growth and expansion within the industry. Click for Photos


“Laura Sanchez’s story is such an inspiration and reminds our Texas Foodies TV viewers that success takes long hours, hard work and a commitment to your community,” commented Texas Foodies TV Host, Jasmine Sadry.


“Food is something everyone bonds over. We have watched kids grow up in our restaurants then return with their children and share the foods they loved while growing up,” stated Laura Sanchez. “The restaurant industry gets in your blood, but it requires tireless work and dedication.”


Laura and her husband opened La Calle Doce in 1981 and have expanded to included El Ranchito and most recently the Jefferson Tower Events. Jefferson Tower Events  provides Dallas an event venue with in-house cooking ideal for weddings, quinceaneras, bridal or baby showers. A new restaurant, Oscars, will be opening in the Bishop Arts Center in memory of her husband and son. Click to Watch Episode


Texas Foodies TV is streamed on all social media platforms including digital publications, created by The Time Group, which will be distributed digitally to over 450,000 foodies. If you would like to have your restaurant or upcoming event showcased on Texas Foodies TV, contact Margaret McKoin at 817.403.0866 or via email at [email protected] or contact Tammany Stern at 214-727-6325 or at [email protected].

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