Texas Foodies TV viewers – we have got exciting new episodes coming your way! Following the COVID pandemic, we have had the opportunity to reach out to extraordinary new restauranteurs who are utilizing virtual kitchen space to elevate delivery and pickup options. Forget fast food. This is made-from-scratch cooking that you can enjoy on the go or delivered to your doorstep. Sean Archer brings to you their virtual restaurant, Pazzo Pastaria, in San Antonio, Texas. Chef Sean’s love language is feeding people. It’s where his true happiness exists, and he pours that love into every dish he creates.  Sean shares with Texas Foodies TV viewers that the Lasagna Bolognese is their most popular dish as it’s a Northern Italian version of lasagna, and it’s absolutely delicious. They make their own pasta every day, bake their own bread, their sauces are from scratch, and their ingredients are even freshly sourced. To order from or learn more about Pazzo’s Pastaria, visit Archer-provisions.com. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for watching! If you’re interested in more exciting interviews, keep watching Texas Foodies TV, produced by The Time Group, where we will be adding new episodes.

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