There is a classic staple of French cuisine that feeds the hearts and souls of the DFW area. Texas Foodies TV Host, Nikky Phinyawatana, sits down with the Founder of La Madeleine, Patrick Esquerre, who shares with viewers how love is the answer to every success story in the restaurant business.
Around for over thirty-seven years with almost ninety locations in DFW alone, La Madeleine has become a crowd favorite for fresh, French food. Patrick explains how he took Paris to the Midwest with his groundbreaking idea to cater towards women’s needs.

Viewers will also learn which Dallas movers and shakers Patrick surrounds himself with as he explains the importance of mentors. Some of Patrick’s beloved mentors include Stanley Marcus, Robert Crandall, and Laura Bush.

As Patrick speaks from his heart, campaigning that love really is the simple solution to everything, viewers will fall even more in love with La Madeleine. Be sure to watch this episode and prepare to race to the nearest La Madeleine.


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